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Why our product is the best

Since Ramooz software team as a knowledge-based team is trying to use the latest technologies in the field of software design and implementation, so it has been able to perform the following services in the form of microservice by implementing them into various projects. These services are designed and coded in Go language, which is briefly described below:

User Service

User Service which has the ability to create and manage system users and is in charge of all actions related to their presence such as login and logout, sending text messages, changing passwords and etc.

Accounting Service

Accounting Service that is used to manage users' financial accounts

Contact Service

Contact Service, which is used to store contact information and provide it to other services

File Service

File Service, which is used to manage files and store, restore and delete them on internal servers, and also supports Amazon S3 storage.

Location Service

Location Service that has the ability to record location and process location

Logging Service

Logging Service, which is responsible for recording and maintaining events and actions performed in the system

Post Service

Post Service, which is used to send and receive SMS and use it in other systems

Stakeholder Service

Stakeholder Service, which is used to maintain and manage stakeholder stocks

About Ramooz

Ramooz software Co. started its activity in winter of 2021 to produce comprehensive and sophisticated web-based software and applications with a special focus on the use of micro services. Since its establishment, Ramooz has been able to implement several successful projects at home and abroad using new standards and methods by relying on its well skilled technical team.

The main services we provide

Although the Ramooz software team, relying on its young, professional and motivated technical team, has the ability and readiness to provide a wide range of services in the field of software and the digital world, but the most important capabilities and areas of activity of the Ramooz software team are listed below:

Running various projects and applications on the mobile platform and Android operating system


Running projects based on microservice architecture using the powerful GO language and MongoDB database


Feasibility study, design and implementation of corporate websites and web portals with business capabilities and revenue generation


Design and implement private and personal websites using Wordpress


Feasibility study, design and implementation of corporate websites and web portals with capabilities based on e-governance services


Analyze and provide advices on setting up various processes on the Internet

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